Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Installing the Show

The "Layers of Vanity" show was installed on Friday, March 1st, 2013. It went something like this:

After double-checking to make sure my paintings were all signed (sometimes it slips my mind), I gathered them all up... in the living room.

We packed up the good old Jeep Cherokee and drove into the city. We live on the East Bay so the drive was short and sweet. We arrived at the gallery, quickly unloaded the goods, and began arranging my paintings on the lovely empty white gallery walls.

Trust me, this was harder than it looks. Everything needed to be just right!

Next, we measured. We nailed. We hammered. We measured some more. And then we were graced by the presence of Abigail VanCannon, a fellow artist friend. Six hands are better than four. The show was up in no time.


Come by and check the show out this Thursday evening at 5:30pm at The Cannery (Suite 104) in San Francisco. There will be a couple shows up in the area, so you'll definitely be getting your art-fix in.


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