Sunday, September 27, 2009

Week 1 & 2

My first impression... the obvious. Graduate school is way more intense than undergrad. Can I handle it? Of course. My biggest issue so far has been my withered time management skills. A year out of school and I'm quite rusty. This is part of the reason I've chosen to start blogging again after so long. It's a discipline thing really. Exercising my organizational and focusing abilities. Getting myself together!

So back to my classes. This semester I'm taking Chiaroscuro, Figure Studio, and Color Theory. My classes run from 8am-3pm. Backaches, blurred vision and hand cramps are typical after these sessions. I love it. Color Theory is a class I'm attempting to get through online. Attempting. And so, week one and two was all about "learning from the masters." The technique drilling begins. Bring It On.

Eye and Nose Study - Charcoal

Mouth and Ear Study - Charcoal

Eye Study and Hand Study - Charcoal

Graduate School at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California

Decided to leave New York behind and take on the art world in San Francisco. A dream come true? Something along those lines. Working towards my MFA in Painting. Chose this route opposed to continuing in the field of education so I can have more options career-wise. I will still be able to teach at private schools or at colleges, but I'll also have the background and knowledge to be a successful freelancer. Own a gallery? Art connoisseur? I'll have to wait and find out.