Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Layers of Vanity: A series of feminine-touched still life paintings

So I painted a whole bunch of make-up and jewelry... what does it all mean? I have nothing against the viewer coming up with their own interpretation of my work, however, a little background info couldn't hurt.

Take what you want, and leave the rest:

Let's Talk, 11"x14", oil on canvas

People express so much through the way they carry themselves. A person's image means a lot in our society, and my paintings address the dimensions of a facade. Appearances can reflect our feelings just as easily as they can be false extensions of ourselves.

The Layers of Vanity still life series focuses on objects used to hide or accentuate certain aspects of people.

Forms of text are included throughout my paintings which help foster internal conversations between the viewer and the painting. The content of the writing is a mix of my own thoughts, the names of the product colors, or the endless promises presented by magazine ads of transforming hags into beauties with the spray of a perfume, or swipe of a lipstick, etc. Bits of conversation I have had with friends about how they feel wearing make-up and getting dolled-up also found a way into my paintings.

My application of paint varies from thick and cakey, to flat and fine, mimicking the different ways of applying make-up. Bright, fun colors are found throughout my paintings, as are calm and muted colors. These contrasts parallel the many reasons people decide to wear objects of vanity.

My work is not to force a one-sided opinion regarding make-up, jewelry, shoes, and other material items. Some of the things in my paintings are used to alter perceptions. Depending on who is using them, the objects can also be a means of emphasizing what is already present. Conditional to the viewer, my still life paintings can be seen as a celebration of expression through dressing-up. As a whole, my paintings bring consciousness to what is habitual for some people. When you dress your lips in "Euphoria" is this a form of expression or a desire to be perceived in a certain way? My light and colorful palette, simple compositions, and hints of writing keep things lighthearted but promote thoughtfulness.


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